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The Rise of Urgent Care in Australia
Published 11 July 2023

The Rise of Urgent Care in Australia

In recent years, Australia has witnessed a significant transformation in its healthcare landscape, with the rise of urgent care services gaining considerable momentum. This shift has been largely driven by the growing need for accessible and immediate medical attention, particularly for non-life-threatening conditions. As a result, primary health care courses, advanced clinical assessment courses, and general urgent care training have become essential components of ensuring the success of this emergent healthcare model. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the surge in urgent care facilities across the country and the role of specialised training for healthcare professionals in delivering high-quality and timely care.

The Emergence of Urgent Care Services:
Over the past decade, Australia has witnessed a shift in healthcare preferences, with patients increasingly seeking prompt medical attention for acute illnesses or minor injuries outside of regular clinic hours. This shift has been a response to the limitations of traditional primary care services, where lengthy waiting times and limited availability often left patients frustrated and dissatisfied. 

To address this demand, urgent care centres have emerged as a viable alternative, offering extended hours, walk-in services, and prompt medical attention for conditions that require immediate attention but do not warrant a visit to the emergency room. With this recent increase in available urgent care services, we have seen a decrease in ED presentations with the Priority Primary Care Centres in Victoria having treated over 100,000 patients since opening late last year. The rise of these centres has necessitated specialised training, such as advanced clinical assessment courses, that equip healthcare professionals with the necessary skills to effectively manage urgent care settings. At Benchmarque Group we are ready with a wide range of urgent care courses to support the upskilling of healthcare professionals. 

Specialised Training for Urgent Care:
The success of urgent care centres heavily relies on the competence of healthcare professionals working within these facilities. Primary health care courses have evolved to cater to the specific needs of urgent care practitioners, focusing on rapid assessment, treatment, and management of acute conditions. These courses empower healthcare professionals with the ability to efficiently handle a wide range of non-life-threatening emergencies, from minor fractures to foreign body removal from the eye and ear, ensuring patients receive appropriate care promptly.

In addition, clinical assessment courses for nurses have become increasingly vital in this context. These courses further strengthen nurses' ability to conduct comprehensive assessments, triage patients effectively, and collaborate seamlessly with other healthcare providers in the urgent care setting. At Benchmarque Group we have a number of clinical assessment courses for nurses available to help upskill you in the most efficient way. 

Advancing Clinical Assessment Skills:
As the demand for urgent care services continues to grow, there is an increased emphasis on enhancing clinical assessment skills among healthcare practitioners. Advanced clinical assessment courses provide nurses with the necessary tools to accurately diagnose and manage urgent medical conditions effectively. At Benchmarque Group we provide courses with an Urgent Care focus from Clinical Assessment and Triage to Wound Closure and IV Cannulation. 

Moreover, urgent care courses play a crucial role in equipping nurses with the skills to conduct thorough and systematic assessments, identify red flags, and initiate appropriate interventions promptly. The knowledge gained from our courses allows nurses to confidently navigate complex medical scenarios, ensuring patients receive the best possible care within the urgent care setting.

Supporting Nurse-Led Urgent Care:
Nurses play a vital role in the success of urgent care centres across Australia. As patient advocates and frontline healthcare providers, they are often the first point of contact for individuals seeking urgent medical attention. To ensure optimal patient outcomes, it is crucial for nurses to undergo clinical assessment courses specifically tailored for urgent care settings.

Benchmarque Group have a number of these specialised courses, designed to equip nurses with the confidence and expertise to handle various urgent medical situations, administer necessary treatments, and provide appropriate referrals if required. By investing in nurse-led urgent care initiatives and supporting their professional development through relevant courses, the healthcare industry in Australia is better equipped to meet the rising demand for immediate medical attention.

The rise of urgent care in Australia marks a significant shift in the way healthcare services are delivered. By focusing on timely access to medical attention and relieving the burden on emergency rooms, urgent care centres have become an indispensable part of the healthcare ecosystem. To ensure the success and effectiveness of these facilities, specialised training such as primary health care coursesclinical assessment courses and general urgent care training for nurses are crucial in preparing healthcare professionals for the unique challenges of urgent care settings.

At Benchmarque Group, we are ideally placed to support the upskilling of nurses in the area of urgent care. Through the collaborative efforts of well-trained healthcare professionals, the rise of urgent care is set to elevate the overall quality of healthcare services and improve health outcomes for individuals across the nation.