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NEW Urgent Care Course - Perform ECG and Basic Rhythm Recognition
Published 06 April 2023

Over the past month we have been focussed on all things Urgent Care at Benchmarque Group and this includes creating our new course:

Perform ECG & Basic Rhythm Recognition

This three-hour online course is an opportunity to learn, or review and consolidate your knowledge, about conducting ECGs and knowing when to refer dangerous or potentially dangerous ECG rhythms to the appropriate staff.

You will review the basics of an ECG machine, patient preparation for an ECG, correct placement of ECG leads, dealing with potential complications with the taking of the ECG, and understanding the vectors used with an ECG and how they relate to the tracing. 

You will cover knowledge about how to analyse a normal sinus rhythm on the ECG tracing, and what ECG rhythms should immediately be escalated to the appropriate staff.

Please note: this course does not cover ECG interpretation or Basic and Advanced Life Support (ALS) training. However, it provides examples of the rhythms that require urgent attention and management. 

At the end of the course, you will have started or refreshed your learning on how to:

  • Prepare the ECG machine for use
  • Prepare the patient to obtain an ECG 
  • Attach the ECG electrodes correctly 
  • Perform an ECG tracing 
  • Understand how the 12-lead ECG is produced
  • Understand the wave forms for normal sinus rhythm 
  • Recognise ECG rhythms that require urgent medical attention.

Are you looking to upskill in all things urgent care? Check out our new course - Perform ECG and Basic Rhythm Recognition today.