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Workplace Activities


10762NAT Course in Wound Closure


The Benchmarque Group is required to gather evidence of a student’s ability to transfer skills and knowledge from the classroom environment to the workplace environment. We use workplace observation as evidence of this transfer.


Observation in the Workplace 


Students are required to provide a Third Party Report that has been signed off, in the primary healthcare setting, by a workplace colleague (observer). The requirement is that your observer is of equal qualification to you or above. Typically, this will be a medical practitioner, practice manager or practice nurse that performs the identified tasks as part of their role. The observer’s role can also include, but not be limited to, mentoring the student to develop relevant workplace skills and knowledge, appropriate to the course content. We recommend that the observer briefly reviews the course material for the individual they are observing prior to undertaking the workplace observation. If you believe that the student’s knowledge, understanding and performance is inadequate in some of the areas covered in this Third Party Report, we suggest that the student continues to practice, with mentorship, to help improve their performance to a satisfactory level.


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) 


This Third Party Report may be used as evidence of the observers annual CPD activity.


Completing the Report 


All information you submit will be treated confidentially and will only be shared with the student and The Benchmarque Group. Should you have any questions or concerns with regard to completing this Third Party Report please contact The Benchmarque Group on Ph: 1300 855 568. Please note: a Benchmarque Group assessor may contact you should they require additional information to assist in making the assessment decision.


Third party report tasks 

Mandated (Students MUST complete the following tasks in the workplace).

  • The student has applied an appropriate dressing on at least one patient as part of wound closure follow up care in the workplace
  • The student has conducted two emergency or surgical wound assessments in the work place under peer supervision.
  • Recommended Transition to Practice Activities The student has assessed a wound and formulated a treatment plan on at least one occasion using strategies to minimise infection.
  • The student has prepared a wound for closure.
  • The student has applied local anaesthesia (ONLY IF according to workplace policies and procedures).
  • The student has demonstrated surgical knot tying skills.
  • The student has performed at least one wound closure technique.
  • The student has removed sutures and staples on at least one occasion.
  • The student has conducted a follow up assessment and responded appropriately to identified treatment needs of a wound on at least one patient