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The importance of Urgent Care Education
Published 01 February 2023

Urgent care is a massive but important topic of conversation throughout Australia and for good reason. With overrun Emergency Departments, we need a solution fast.

The name 'urgent care' can mean many things, depending on which state you are in, whether it's priority primary care centres or urgent care services, they are all working to do the same thing: Reduce the number of people presenting at the Emergency Department and provide clinical care.

Reducing the pressure on Emergency Departments is the primary catalyst for the introduction of Urgent Care Centres and the need for better urgent care education. At Benchmarque Group we have 3 courses designed to support clinical and non-clinical members of a clinic to support best practice for Urgent Care.

Our first course is Triage for Primary Healthcare Professionals, which is an all-online course. Strengthen best care practice with an understanding of Triage in Primary Healthcare, including telehealth and face-to-face interactions, that outline safe and medico-legal consideration. Develop communication techniques and build clinic policy to manage agitated or anxious patients, parents, or carers, as well as effective telephone triage.

Our next developed course was Clinical Assessment: Managing Emergencies in Primary Healthcare. This course involved a face-to-face workshop. Develop a greater understanding of Urgent Care Service situations dealt with in Primary Care through a range of specific clinical scenarios and circumstances. For Primary Healthcare staff to build knowledge on when to manage/escalate emergencies in a primary setting when presented with an injury or illness, including preparing a patient for hospitalisation.

Our most recently developed course is Urgent Care Identification (Frontline Staff), which is another online course. Developing knowledge and understanding in urgent care to identify when situations may require escalation or not, and by doing this direct patients who require more immediate assistance to the clinical team. Understand the importance of clinic protocols that support administration, for phone or face-to-face interactions, that can facilitate patient care more effectively and safely.

Each of our Urgent Care courses are designed to support best practice for clinical and non-clinical staff