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Chronic Heart Failure
Published 12 September 2023

The WA Primary Health Alliance (WAPHA) have been a long-term partner of Benchmarque Group. We previously delivered a significant Urgent Care Project that stretched over the COVID period and various other Benchmarque Group courses in WA on behalf of WAPHA. WAPHA then reached out to us in late 2022 with a priority project that was being discussed at a jurisdictional level about Chronic Heart Failure. This project is underway, with us having been commissioned to design and develop a Nationally Accredited course of targeted Chronic Heart Failure learning for GPs and Nurses. 

What is Chronic Heart Failure? 

Chronic Heart Failure is defined as a complex clinical syndrome secondary to an abnormality of cardiac structure or function, that impairs the ability of the heart to fill with blood at normal pressure or eject blood sufficient to fulfil the needs of the metabolising organs. 

Chronic Heart Failure is an increasingly prevalent disease that accounts for thousands of repeated hospitalisations, many of which are potentially preventable. Over the last three years, many screening and early intervention programs linked to chronic disease have been inactive or with significant delays. As a result, undiagnosed chronic diseases within communities have increased significantly. 

Why the Chronic Heart Failure Course?

WAPHA and Benchmarque Group were interested in designing the Chronic Heart Failure Course as the primary care sector is ideally positioned to support innovative models of care that improve patient outcomes, care coordination and quality of care and reduce avoidable healthcare costs. From July 2022, as part of the Community Health and Hospitals Program, WAPHA is delivering the Chronic Heart Failure Project (Multidisciplinary model of care), which aligns with a federal government commitment.

This course will have a GP and Nurse stream combining contextualised online and face-to-face components. There is huge value in healthcare professionals completing the Chronic Heart Failure course, as they will receive a Nationally Accredited qualification and be able to add value immediately to their practice. 

Working alongside WAPHA content experts, we are currently writing the course content and planning out our digital strategy to implement the course in the accessIQ platform (chosen Learning Management System). Working with both the WAPHA and accessIQ teams to get this course up and running has been an amazing process, as each has unique insights and skills to add to the project. 

We anticipate launching the Chronic Heart Failure Course in the coming months.