Course in Tympanometry

1 day course $425.00 (Currently FULLY Funded)

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The Course in Tympanometry is designed to provide skills and knowledge for a range of health professionals and others working within Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander health to undertake tympanometric screening and tympanometry.

Using as its foundation the ‘Recommendations for Clinical Care Guidelines on the Management of Otitis Media in Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Populations’*, the course enables students to provide client-centred education, health promotion and the provision of basic care and advice in relation to the management of otitis media.

The course is supported by funding from the Australian Government Department of Health under the Ear and Hearing Health Assessment Project.

At the successful completion of this program the student should:

  • be able to perform a tympanometric screening
  • understand the results
  • recognise abnormalities
  • recognise the need to refer to medical staff or specialist
  • give the patient a comprehensive explanation of the examination findings
  • document the examination findings and outcome in the patient’s history.

* Recommendations for Clinical Care Guidelines on the Management of Otitis Media in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Populations (April 2010), Australian Government Department of Health.

The Otitis Media Management Program is supported by funding from the Australian Government Department of Health under the Ear and Hearing Health Assessment Project.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How much does the program cost?

    The Course in Tympanometry would normally cost $425.00 per student, but at the moment, fully funded registrations are available.

  • Who is funding these programs?

    The federal Department of Health is currently funding the delivery. The cost of your registration is being fully funded by the Department of Health under the Ear and Hearing Health Project.

  • How many CPD hours/points will I achieve for completing this Program?

    As a general guide, one (1) hour of active learning equates to one (1) hour of CPD. It is the responsibility of the individual student to calculate how many hours of active learning have been completed. The hours of active learning estimated above should act as a guide to CPD hours.

  • Who can attend the course?

    The course is designed to be delivered to a broad range of health professionals including Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Health Workers and Practitioners, Registered and Enrolled Nurses, GP Registrars and General Practitioners.

  • What do I receive at the completion of the course?

    At the completion of the course, successful students will receive a nationally accredited Statement of Attainment for the Course in Tympanometry.

    A nationally recognised Statement of Attainment lists the individual unit or units of competency that a student has completed. It is nationally recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

  • How long do I have to complete the assessment?

    12 months. The time is calculated form when a student is provided with online access to their assessment. Within the BenchmarqueIQ platform, students will be provided an initial 6 months to complete and submit all required assessment activities. Friendly reminders will be sent to students to ensure an assessment is completed on time. At the completion of the 6 month period, students can request up to a maximum of 2 extensions, each extension being for a period of 90 days. If requesting a second extension, the request must be in writing.

  • What if I cannot complete the assessment in the allocated time?

    If the entire 12 month period expires and a final assessment has not been submitted, The Benchmarque Group reserves the right to deem the assessment Not Competent and remove the student from the program.

  • How many times can I submit my assessment?

    If you are deemed Not Yet Competent on your first and second assessment submissions, feedback will be provided. It is very important that you read all the feedback provided. The Assessor will have identified any areas where additional evidence is required or any questions that need to be reviewed and resubmitted. If, after 3 unsuccessful submissions, you are unable to demonstrate competency on your assessment, your assessment will be deemed Not Competent. Feedback will be provided to you and what the possible following steps and outcomes are.

  • Am I required to provide feedback?

    Yes. At the start and finish of your workshop, you will be asked to provide feedback. It is very important that you assist us by completing these feedback sheets to enable use to improve our courses and future delivery of our programs.